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Auto Accident Prevention Technology – Parking Sensors and Reversing Cameras

Date Added: September 24, 2008 10:00:03 AM
Author: Neil MacLeod
Category: Auto

Statistically, the odds are that at some point in your life you have already, or will be involved in an auto accident while parking or backing up your vehicle. These types of automobile collisions are the most common and ironically the most preventable of all types of automobile accidents and just because they are low mph collisions, doesn't necessarily mean it is inexpensive to repair the auto's damages that are caused by them.

Recommended By Virtually Every Auto Insurance Carrier
Virtually every automobile insurance carrier is now recommending that you have your vehicle fitted with backup sensors. If you own a commercial delivery vehicle or any type of multi passenger bus or minivan, they are also advising that it be fitted with a backup camera system as well. The reasons are simple. With auto repairs on the rise and the cost of these high tech systems falling, its a simple, classic case of spending a little now to save a lot in the future. 

Commonly Asked Questions
So how do these systems work? Do they bring their own inherent problems with them, such as false reports or inaccurate distance estimates when they do send the driver a signal? Also, are they easy to understand and use, or will they be just another distraction during a time when a driver can least afford one? Finally are they truly cost effective?Multiple Choices and OptionsParking sensors now come in a wide choice of options and can be discreetly mounted inside of a vehicles bumper, for a clean factory fit look. Also, they are spread out along the auto 's bumper so they cover the entire vehicle, both front and back.  Each sensor is independently wired to its own in dash driver signal, so the driver always knows what area of the vehicle is in danger of contact.

Signal in Feet or Meters 
Parking sensors are available that signal in feet or meters and generally start warning at a range of around eight feet. They will then begin to send signals to the driver letting him or her know the exact distance that they have to work with, right up to the point of imminent contact. So it is not hard to see how valuable these types of parking sensors can be in todays tight parking situations. 

A Higher Level of Parking Safety 
Reversing cameras bring parking safety to a another level all together. Just like they sound, they are a small discrete camera device in a custom housing on the back of an automobile, that transmits an actual video image to the driver. This image that is transmitted is displayed on a small monitor that is mounted on the dash and the whole system is both easy to install and cost effective.

Easy to Install By Any Auto Body Shop
Needless to say, these new compact, high tech, compact video systems for vehicles are a godsend for any type of mid-sized to larger commercial vehicles. Having them installed on a companies vehicles means that there is one less constant worry for a business owner or manager. They come in a complete kit that contains everything and can be installed by any auto repair or auto body shop.


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