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Bead Shop - Bead Shops Directory

Bead Shop - Bead Shops Directory

Swinke Bead Shop directory lists bead shops with websites that sell or provide information about beads. Acceptance into Swinke is based solely on the quality of the bead website. If you submit a bead shop to Swinke, you can rest assured that it will be listed among the best bead shops on the internet. Please review all the categories and sub-categories prior to your submission to make sure that this is the appropriate one for the web site. If you can not find the correct category, please recommend it to us and we will add it.

A bead shop is a retail store that sells beads for jewelry and decoration. Shopping for beads can be a fun experience for the shopper. A bead is a small decorative object that is pierced in the center for threading and stringing. Bead shops offer many different types and colors of beads. An online bead shop allows the consumer to browse and buy many different types of beads from the comfort of their own home. Beads range in size from less than a millimeter to over a centimeter in diameter. Depending on the use, the size and material used to make the bead is important.

The most common materials used to make beads are glass, plastic and stone. Some bead shops have exotic beads that are made from bone, ivory, animal horns, metal, pearl, shell, coral, gemstones, clay, resin, synthetic minerals, wood, paper, ceramic and seeds. You can shop for them online and realize that they are made from just about any material that you can imagine.

Making things from beads is known as beadwork. Beads can be strung onto thread or wire, or adhered to a surface. They can also be woven together into fabric or other materials. For decorating clothing or to be worn as jewelry, there is nothing like them.

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